What did I learn working in a 5-star hotel

For the next two weeks I will be taking part on the Scintilla Project, a fortnight of story sharing. During these two weeks I will be writing personal stories inspired by the daily prompts given by the project. For the inconvenience of other participants I will be writing in English. Find out more about the Scintilla Project at http://www.scintillaproject.com.

This is a story inspired by Day 1 prompt:
Tell a story set at your first job.

I was 16 and the school year was about to end soon. One day my mother asked me: “So, which one will it be: berry picking or graveyard?”
Those were basically the options for a summer job in our small town. But I wasn’t going to burn my skin at the strawberry fields (like my brother had done for two summers) or work my ass off by gardening the graveyard (I ended up working my ass off anyway, but somewhere else). I had other plans. “No way, I will move to the city and find a job there!” I announced dramatically with a determined voice of a teenager. Apparently my mother didn’t think that I would ever find a job from the city (or even dare to seek one) but she gave me some time to come to my senses. A week later I had a job as a housekeeper in a 5-star hotel. So there I was, moving to Helsinki and beginning my glamorous adventure called working life.

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